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ATLANTA – Rockdale County will add 24,000 people by 2050 and reach a population of 113,000, according to population and employment forecasts released Thursday by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Rockdale will become much more diverse, with a fast-growing population of older adults. These trends are forecast to occur across the Atlanta region, according to the ARC.

Highlights of Rockdale’s 2050 population forecast include:

● In 2050, the share of the county’s Hispanic population will double to 20%, compared to 2015, the forecast’s base year.

● The share of the county’s black population will increase from 51% to 59%.

● The share of the county’s population that is age 75 and older will increase from 5% to 13%.

ARC’s forecasts were developed using several growth scenarios for each county. For Rockdale’s population, these include a "higher regional growth” scenario of 118,315, a “slower regional growth” scenario of 109,255, and the “preferred” scenario of 112,900 that serves as the official ARC number.

According to ARC’s regional forecast, the 21-county Atlanta region will add 2.9 million people by 2050, pushing the total population to 8.6 million.


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