Details for INSURANCE ANNUAL NAIC #50130

NOTICE Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Insurance Company's Annual Statement For Publication For the Year Ending December 31, 2018. NAIC #: 50130 Kind of Insurance: Title Insurance Of the condition of the North America Title Insurance Company of Concord, Organized under the laws of the State of California, made to the Insurance Commissioner of the State of Georgia in pursuance to the laws of said State. Statutory Home: 1855 Gateway Blvd., Suite 600 Concord CA 94520. Total Assets: (Actual Cash Market Value) $95,634,042 Liabilities: Cash Capital paid up $0 Surplus over All Liabilities: $61,057,145 Total Liabilities: $61,057,145 Income 12 Months 2018: $253,534,167 Disbursements 12 Months 2018: $242,928,659 A copy of the Act of Incorporation, duly certified, is in the Office of the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner. 903-591447, 4/3