Details for 10/28 SALE

Notice is hereby given that on OCTOBER 28 , 2019 U-Haul Company of North East Georgia will Sell under the contractual landlords lien process by Online auction the following storage units. The goods to be sold are generally described as household goods. ******* WILL BE Sold Online at ******* 1150 DOGWOOD DR SE, CONYERS GA - KE'AUDRIAH LEWIS-3173, MIKE WITHERS-3029, DANIELLE WILSON-2126, ANDREA LEE-2304, ANGELINA COLON-2223, GREGORY WEST-2314, QUINICE STEPHENS-2108, DOLLY BURKHALTER-0243, TARA GOINGS-3228, INVERNESS GWIN-2158, GABRIAL BUFFINGTON-3171, KATRINA HOLLOWAY-1131-1510, EUGENE PRESLEY-2112, MONICA HAWKINS-2268, STEPHANIE CHILDRESS-2025 929-619179, 10/16,23