IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ROCKDALE COUNTY STATE OF GEORGIA CIVIL ACTION FILE NO. 2019-CV-1158 NORTHERN STAR EQUITY, LLC Petitioner -vs.- 60.4 ACRES, MORE OR LESS, UNIMPROVED REAL PROPERTY IN LAND LOTS 236 AND 237, 11TH DISTRICT, ROCKDALE COUNTY, GEORGIA, KNOWN AS 2229 MCDANIEL MILL ROAD, THE SUBJECT PROPERTY BEING KNOWN AS TAX MAP/PARCEL 0130010025 And As Their Respective Interests May Be or Appear: OCCUPANT/TENANT/ RESIDENT; MCDANIEL MILL PROPERTIES, A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP; ESTATE OF THORA G. DAVIS, MICHAEL M. SMITH, ESQ., EXECUTOR; JAMES A. GRANADE, JR.; RICHARD A. STOGNER; ROBERT HARKEY; JOE C. CASON; JOYCE W. SMITH; PAULA W. GROSS; KATHLEEN R. MAWSON WILLIAMS; ELIZABETH MARIE WILLIAMS; BRIAN MICHAEL WILLIAMS; ESTATE OF JOHN CHARLES WILLIAMS, KATHLEEN R. MAWSON WILLIAMS, EXECUTOR; ESTATE OF WILLIAM N. MARTIN, MICHAEL W. MARTIN, ADMINISTRATOR C.T.A.; ESTATE OF G. EVERETT MILLICAN, JR., PATRICIA HARRIS MILLICAN, EXECUTOR; AND ALL OTHER KNOWN AND UNKNOWN PARTIES, WHO HAVE, CLAIM OR MAY HAVE AN ADVERSE OR POSSESSORY RIGHT, TITLE OR INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT PROPERTY Respondents NOTICE OF SERVICE BY PUBLICATION TO: ALL PERSONS UNKNOWN WHO CLAIM OR MIGHT CLAIM ANY INTEREST IN THE SUBJECT PROPERTY AND TO MCDANIEL MILL PROPERTIES, A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP You are hereby notified that the above-styled action seeking to Quiet Title to real property known as 2229 McDaniel Mill Road, being 60.4 acres, more or less, in Land Lots 236 and 237, 11th District of Rockdale County, Georgia as set out in Deed Book 119, Page 995, Rockdale County, Georgia records, and being shown as Rockdale County Tax Map/Parcel 0130010025 was filed in the Superior Court of Rockdale County, Georgia on February 1, 2019, and that by reason of an order for service of summons by publication entered by the Court on the 27th day of March, 2019, you are hereby commanded and required to file with the Clerk of said Court and serve upon Kathy A. Davis, Attorney at Law, whose address is P.O. Box 81123, Conyers, Georgia 30013, an Answer to the Petition within sixty (60) days of the date of the order for publication or within sixty (60) days from the publication of this notice, whichever is later. WITNESS the Honorable David B. Irwin, Chief Judge of Rockdale Superior Court, Rockdale Judicial Circuit. This the 10th day of July, 2019. /s/ Jamila Decuir Clerk, Rockdale County Superior Court