After 11 seasons and 177 episodes, AMC’s The Walking Dead has finally shambled toward the moral coil. After becoming the House that Walt built, the network followed up in 2010 with a post-apocalyptic comic book adaptation by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. And although there were a few deviations from the original source material, showrunner Frank Darabont steered the ship in an engaging way that pleased veteran comic fans and television newcomers alike. That is until Darabont was fired after the second season, then things creatively and behind the scenes began to decay.

According to AMC’s lawyers, he was terminated due to “his volatile and disturbing interactions with the staff and talent.” Darabont won a 2013 profit suit against AMC in 2021 with a settlement of $200 million. Following his win, a group of producers, including Kirkman himself, are looking for a similar settlement as the series finale approaches. The network has labeled the lawsuit a “crass money grab.”

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