The thorns of the wildflower for today remind us of the “high cost” of love. Love is not all smiles because all relationships have ups and downs. The deepest intimate relationship may be interrupted by death, divorce, misunderstanding, illness and relocation. However, the love that God shows…

It is so much easier to remain in our self-pity. It is so much easier to cling to our problems. It is so much easier to give up and succumb to the odds.

A newspaper once asked its constituents to answer the question, “What’s wrong with our world?” They received many answers from many people giving their various opinions regarding the source of our world’s problems.

I recently celebrated another birthday – one of the “big” ones as I move into a new decade of life.

Two months after her heroic husband was killed on United Flight 93, Lisa Beamer was asked to say a few words at a Women of Faith Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. You remember that Lisa was the 32-year-old widow of Todd Beamer, who was one of those killed trying to overcome the terrorists on September 11, 2001.

The American College of Physicians recommends that average-risk women between ages 50 and 74 should undergo breast cancer screening with mammography every other year, instead of every year.

First, in the aftermath of these horrific shootings, finger-pointing is not helpful and only more divisive.

It was a quick, foolhardy decision born of a country girl who wanted to see more of the world than pasture fences, cows and hayfields. I came to regret it during all the nights I cried, homesick for all of that as well as the bullfrogs, crickets and dirt roads.

At least once a day, I think of something Mama taught me — like how to match checks and stripes when I sewed.

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