Ready for a road trip? How about one in which you can travel 1,000 back in time without leaving metro Atlanta?

Head to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History to travel along “Silk Road,” the most renowned trading route in history and which was once the center of the world’s economy. From Sept. 28 – Jan. 5, you’ll get to experience the sights of Asia, which was home to the network of 4,600 miles of routes that traversed the desert and snow-capped mountains.

Visitors will see a re-creation of a night market in the ancient city Chinese city of Turfan, where sapphires, silks, jades and rubies, furs and peacock feathers, and fruits and spices were the most sought-after products.

Life-size camels sporting full caravan regalia will add to the exhibit’s authenticity, as will the 41-foot long replica of the prow of a full-sized model Arab dhow sailing ship.

The vessel is split in half to reveal the priceless cargo of ceramics and elaborate metalwork that would have been made in China during the Tang dynasty.

The China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou has also lent a replica of a Tang-era loom, which at 17-feet long and 9.5-feet high, is only 80 percent the size of a full-size loom.

The exhibit is free with general museum admission.