DEAR DR. ROACH: You've argued against veterinary ivermectin. It's the same ivermectin that's safely used for adults. Work out dose per kilo weight of patient. Why pretend that it's not safe, when it's a drug safely used for 70 years? It is better than remdesivir and other drugs that are dangerous and not effective but used only because so much money is made off them. What's going on in the world now? -- N.S.

ANSWER: What's going on in the world now? People without expertise are making untrue claims, and they are believed. You believe that ivermectin is safe and effective for treating COVID, but there is strong evidence that ivermectin is ineffective and should not be used. A drug has to be both safe and effective at the same dose, and there is no dose for ivermectin that is both safe and effective. Ivermectin is certainly safe for treatment of parasites, but there is no effectively safe dose for COVID.

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