Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

Wow! A rabbit sculpture by Jeff Koons sells for $91 million at auction.

It makes you wonder. Who is Jeff Koons and how can he command such prices for his art?

Not only must he be talented, but he obviously has the support of many admirers and collectors and art dealers around the globe.

He probably has had his ups and downs in the art business, but overall has been successful when he can market his work for millions.

Jeffery Koons is a 64-year-old artist from York, Penn. He has attended the Art Institute of Chicago and The College of Art in Baltimore. Some people think his work is done for merchandising, while others believe he is a pioneer in the kind of work he does. He has been influenced by others like Ed Raschke and is an admirer of Salvadore Dali.

For a time, Koons earned his living as a commodities broker with Smith Barney in New York.

Koons’ rabbit statue is now owned by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago; and, his 43-foot-tall statue of “Puppy” has been displayed in Germany.

So, Jeffery Koons, a name we may not have heard before, is actually widely known and an artist with an excellent reputation. While many artists are struggling to market their works and become financially stable, Mr. Koons seems to have found the answer to success.

At one time, he had as many as 75 other artists on his staff to help with ongoing projects.

His works have appeared at museums around the world. Some have been described as massive, durable monuments, while others are said to be promotions serving the tacky rich.

Jeffery Koons thinks of himself as Michelangelo. Jeffery Koons or Michelangelo, whoever he is, Koons is a successful artist able to market a metal statue of a rabbit for $91 million! Congratulations!

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