Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

Trees are very beneficial to our welfare and, I, for one, am pleased to have so many of them on my property.

However, they do sometimes cause problems, particularly if they fall on power lines or blow over on houses.

Every now and then you can expect a visit from the power company tree crews. They arrive and trim trees away from power lines. The crews hope to prevent more serious damages from the trees during storms, and I am always glad to see them come. So far they clean up nicely and even occasionally replace trees they cut down.

Trees give life. They are beautiful, beneficial, serve as habitat for wildlife, supply lumber, food and shade, cut pollution and carbon dioxide. They release oxygen into the air. Trees help fight the global climate crisis. When the leaves fall, they do cause clean-up problems. But, after all, you cannot expect perfection from your shade or fruit trees.

One year when the power company tree crews arrived, they found it necessary to cut down some evergreens in the front yard. These trees provided privacy from the road but had grown high enough to endanger the power lines. I was sad to hear they needed to be cut, but happy when the crew supervisor replaced them with new, smaller trees.

Presently these new trees have grown into a beautiful screen of about 6 feet tall and are being enjoyed for their privacy and beauty. We watch as they grow, fill out and beautify the front yard.

I believe the power company has joined the others interested in contributing positively to the climate crisis. We read of the efforts being made by others to replace trees. The United Kingdom, Pakistan, New Zealand to mention a few have launched tree planting programs. Mother Nature benefits from such programs. Communities benefit from more green spaces and parks.

Wherever trees are lost because of logging or wild fires, there should be a replanting program. We all benefit when people and governments support the replacement of lost trees.

Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each week in the weekend edition of this newspaper.

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