Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

At the end of February, media reports told us people in 56 countries had been infected with the coronavirus, and anxiety grows with the crisis. The possibility of exposure is on the minds of everyone and already some people have imposed a self quarantine avoiding crowds and travel.

It may seem early to people in countries not yet infected, but perhaps it would be wise to begin thinking about being prepared by assembling some essentials.

Suggestions include fuel, sanitary gloves, extra water, dried meals, canned goods and other durable food stuffs. First-aid kits, firewood, hand sanitizer, and medications are all good items to have available should we experience first hand a pandemic.

This virus is already a health emergency with no signs of a quick cure.

Should the virus eventually reach your community, you may find a breakdown in the medical supply line and a shortage of essentials. Some advance preparation is clearly called for. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is planning ahead.

Having an emergency kit seems wise. Working flashlights and matches might come in handy even as President Trump tells us “a vaccine for this virus is being developed and is coming along well.”

The president has put Vice President Pence in charge of virus prevention and has even considered naming a virus czar.

It appears that in view of recent reports, Congress should stop the infighting and blaming the president and address this deadly coronavirus with more preparation and training of medical health workers. Every step should be taken to protect the American people.

Already this virus has caused the loss of lives and billions of dollars to business and travel industries. Clearly restrictive measures are called for.

As the virus spreads worldwide, more cases are inevitable and the number will change from those cited on March 2 as 3,000 deaths and 88,000 infected.

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Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each week in the weekend edition of this newspaper.

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