Covington is renowned across the Southeast for its spectacular fireworks display, and not undeservedly. However, since the Georgia Legislature in its so-called wisdom chose to allow private possession of fireworks, Covington has become an obnoxious minefield for individuals who think setting off fireworks in in-town neighborhoods is fun for all. Instead, it terrorizes pets for days in advance, starting early on the Fourth and continuing much later into the night than the official fireworks display ends.

I doubt that anything about these personal fireworks is meant to celebrate the founding of this country but rather it is a matter that affords an opportunity for officially sanctioned mayhem and melee. I am appalled, disgusted and disturbed by such incivility.

— Barbara Morgan



I have been editor of the Rockdale Citizen since 1996 and editor of the Newton Citizen since it began publication in 2004. I am also currently executive editor of the Clayton News Daily, Henry Daily Herald and Jackson Progress-Argus.