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• Little Caesars Eagle Drive, 10051 Eagle Drive, Covington; Nov. 2; Routine; 83/B

Observations & Corrective Actions

2-2A: .03(2)(m) Person-In-Charge was not able to present signed employee illness reporting agreement for active food employee. Food employees and conditional employees shall be informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report to the person in charge information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food.
Corrective Actions: Employee signed agreement. //

2-2D: .07(3)(b) Hand washing sink did not have hand drying provision. // Each handwashing sink shall be provided with individual, disposable towels, a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel, or a hand drying device.
Corrective Actions: Employee supplied sink with paper towel. //

6-2: Observed TCS foods in walk-in Cooler and bottom prep-top cooler that were not date marked. // Refrigerated, ready-to-eat time/temperature control for safety foods prepared and held in a food establishment for more than 24-hours shall be clearly marked to indicate the date of prep or the date by with the food shall be used/discarded for a maximum of 7 days. The day of preparation shall be counted as Day 1.
Corrective Actions: Person-In-Charge date marked foods. //

9-2: .08(3) Person-In-Charge was not able to present variance for pizza sauce at time of inspection. // "If granted a variance or a HACCP plan is otherwise required, the permit holder shall: 1) Comply with the HACCP plans and procedures that are submitted and deemed in conformance with DPH Rule 511-6-1-.02(6)(a) through (e) as a basis for the modification or waiver; and 2) Maintain and provide to the Department, upon request, records specified under DPH Rule 511-6-1-.02(6)."
Corrective Actions: If pizza sauce variance is being used it should be provided upon request.

10D: .04(4)(d) Observed several squeeze bottles with food items that were not labeled. // Except for containers holding food that can be readily and unmistakably recognized, such as dry pasta, working containers holding food or food ingredients that are removed from their original packages for use in the food establishment, such as cooking oils, flour, herbs, potato flakes, salt, spices, and sugar shall be clearly and legibly identified, in English, with the common name of the food.
Corrective Actions: Person-In-Charge labeled squeeze bottles. //

13B: .02(1)(c)2 The facility did not have a no smoking sign. // Prior to the issuance of the permit to new or existing establishments, the applicant shall provide evidence of satisfactory compliance with the provisions of this Chapter and all other provisions of laws that apply to the location, construction and maintenance of food service establishments and the safety of persons therein.
Corrective Actions: A no smoking sign was provided to the person-In-Charge. //

17D: .07(4)(b) Observed cell, jacket, cell phone and water bottle on prep table next to pizza dough.// Areas designated for employees to eat, drink, and use tobacco shall be located so that food, equipment, linens, and single-service and single-use articles are protected from contamination.
Corrective Actions: employee removed personal items.