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COVINGTON — A female who claims she has dash cam video of a blown tire from a septic tank truck hitting her car is refusing to show the video to law enforcement officers.

According to an incident report from the Newton County Sheriff’s Office, on Aug. 16 a deputy responded to an address on Ga. Highway 162 in reference to an argument. When he arrived, the female complainant said the truck driver’s tire blew out and hit her vehicle. She stated the truck driver didn’t stop, so she followed him home.

The report states that the complainant told the deputy that she had a dash cam video of the incident, but refused to show it, saying it was her evidence and she felt no need to show the video to the deputy.

The truck driver admitted that his tire blew and lost tread on Highway 162 while the complainant was behind him. He said he didn’t want to stop because the complainant passed him allegedly blowing her horn and yelling profane language at him.

The deputy reported that he could not tell if the damage to the complainant’s vehicle had come from the shredded tire on the truck.

The complainant was given a case card. As of Aug. 26, the truck driver had not been issued a citation.

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