Christine Banks completes series of advanced seminars

Christine Banks of Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home is shown with the plaque she was awarded following completion of more than 130 hours of advanced training in embalming at the Fountain National Academy. (Special Photo)

Christine Banks of Caldwell & Cowan Funeral Home in Covington is the first woman from Georgia to receive certification for completion of a series of acclaimed embalming seminars.

Banks completed more than 130 hours of specialized training offered by Fountain National Academy in Springfield, Mo. Among the seminars completed by Banks were Embalming Skills, Soft Tissue Injuries, Waxing and Airbrush Cosmetics, Advanced Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery, and Advanced II Post Mortem Reconstructive Surgery. Each seminar focused on highly specialized embalming techniques and included special surgical techniques that advanced the skill level of participants in the area of general and specialized embalming and post-mortem reconstructive surgery techniques on victims of severe traumatic injuries.

A professional embalmer is often called on to prepare a deceased that has severe traumatic injuries and disfiguring facial injuries. Reconstructive techniques are sometimes necessary to achieve an acceptable appearance to enable viewing by family and friends. Professional embalmers understand that performance of reconstructive surgery to achieve open casket viewing provides an important and powerful psychological benefit for the grieving family and friends.

Fountain National Academy is based in Springfield, with representatives in Ireland and Australia, along with 17 goodwill ambassadors around the world. Founder and instructor Vernon R. Fountain is internationally recognized for his expertise in the field.

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