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Comcast has announced the completion of a fiber network expansion to Covington.

COVINGTON — Comcast has announced the completion of a 
multi-million-dollar fiber network expansion to Covington. The 10-mile network will offer the area’s businesses, schools, hospitals and government organizations access to internet speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second.

“Comcast’s investment in Covington reflects this city’s impressive commercial and residential growth in recent years,” said Comcast Regional SVP Jason Gumbs. “Today’s announcement marks an important milestone for Covington, as it further establishes itself as an ideal destination for businesses seeking the most advanced technology available.”

Comcast has invested heavily across Atlanta with the launch of multi-gigabit Internet speeds for residents and businesses; the opening of nine new retail centers in 2019 designed to enhance the service experience; and the hiring of hundreds of Comcast representatives to support the company’s continued expansion.

Covington is a leading destination for the film, television and music industries, and is focused on expanding its business and technology sectors.

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