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CONYER — The Conyers Police Department is well-known for its pandering-sting operations designed to discourage those seeking to engage in sex for money and to reduce the amount of crime associated with prostitution. But the department is also making it known that those who advertise sex for sale are not wanted in Conyers, either.

In the past three weeks, Conyers Police have arrested two women on prostitution and drug charges.

The first arrest came on Oct. 14, shortly after the last pandering sting operation. On Oct. 14 an officer went back to the motel where the sting took place for a follow-up and received an anonymous tip that a prostitute might be staying in one of the rooms and that several men had visited the room separately and stayed for short periods of time.

The officer went to the room where the woman was staying and she came outside to talk to him. The officer reported seeing a man run from the bedroom to the bathroom as the woman exited the room and also reported a strong odor of marijuana coming from the room. The officer explained he has received complaints about the room being used for prostitution, but the woman denied it.

The woman, later identified as Jennifer Ann Smith, 44, of McDonough, said the man in the room was a friend she had known for two years, but at first she was unable to give the officer the man’s name. She later gave his first name, but could not give his last name. He warned her and the man that prostitution was not allowed in Conyers, and she allegedly said she was about to leave.

According to police, an online investigation found 48 ads placed by Smith for prostitution in Conyers hotels. The ads showed photos of Smith, but with a different name.

Officers secured a warrant for Smith on prostitution and returned to the motel, arresting Smith and transporting her to the Rockdale County Jail. The room was secured, and on Oct. 15 officers returned with a search warrant. They found several video cameras set up around the room and pointing toward the bed, and a laptop computer open and operating on the bedside table. Also found in the room were a bag belonging to Smith that allegedly contained suspected marijuana and suspected methamphetamine.

Smith was charged with prostitution, possession of marijuana, and possession of methamphetamine.

The second arrest came on Oct. 25 after Conyers Police received an anonymous phone call about possible prostitution in a local motel. Checking at the motel, the woman was identified as Grisselle Terry, 44, of Wellington, Fla. A check on NCIC found a driver’s license photo of Terry. A check on websites associated with prostitution found several ads with her photo in them.

A search warrant was obtained for the room to look for evidence associated with prostitution, such as cameras, computers, advertisements, etc. The officers went to the room and knocked on the door and Terry answered.

She was read her Miranda Rights and allegedly agreed to talk to the officers. She said she had come to Conyers after a breakup with her boyfriend. She admitted posting the ads, but said it was to have men come and talk to her and that she has not had sex with the men. She was taken into custody.

The room was searched and a large box of condoms was found in the bedside table drawer. Also allegedly found was a small white piece of suspected crack cocaine and a glass pipe. A bottle of muscle relaxant pills was also found with the name on the bottle removed.

In a bag in the bathroom were allegedly found a green substance believed to be marijuana, a white powdery substance suspected of being cocaine, and a large plastic bag containing suspected powder Lidocaine, a numbing medication.

Terry was arrested and transported to the Rockdale County Jail. She was charged with prostitution, possession of crack cocaine, and possession of powdered cocaine.

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