Elks Lodge offers college scholarships

COVINGTON— Covington Elks Lodge is proud to announce two scholarship opportunities available for students in the Newton-Rockdale County area.

The Elks Care, Elks Share Scholarship is solely for high school seniors (who are U.S. citizens) whose parents reside in Newton or Rockdale County, as well as Morgan and Butts counties.

To apply for an Elks Care, Elks Share Scholarship, the student simply emails the Covington Elks Lodge at elks1806@hotmail.com and request an application. The deadline for this competition is Feb. 29, 2020.

The National Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship opportunity is for high school seniors, who are U.S. citizens.

The National Scholarship Award is funded by the Elks National Foundation, and awards $2.9 million in college scholarships to a total of 500 high school seniors nationwide through this program.

To apply for this national scholarship, visit enf.elks.org/mvs for complete details or email the Covington Elks Lodge at elks1806@hotmail.com.

Scholarship chairman for the NE District Georgia Elks Association is Anita Denny, a Covington resident and member of the Covington Elks Lodge.

Denny will be available to answer questions via email at elks1806@hotmail.com.