People just can’t help themselves. Make that some people. They want so badly for things to go badly.

I’m talking about in politics and in life and in every endeavor you can think of. You know those people. They aren’t happy unless they have something to be unhappy about. Don’t dare ask them how they are doing unless you want to know.

They will sigh and put on the dourest face and here we go, off to the races. “Well, I guess I’m OK, but,” followed by, “you know ... ” and a whole laundry list of maladies, personal and otherwise, which always leads to a list of health problems that should have them 6 feet under.

I actually know people who have changed doctors because theirs can’t find anything wrong with them.

That’s the way a lot of media types — and others — are about the Donald Trump presidency. A lot of people, most notably some Hollywood types, but there are others, are openly hoping for him to fail, going so far as to pray the country will fall into a recession, just because they cannot stand to see him succeed.

I can understand why people wouldn’t like the man. He’s brash and crass and vulgar at times, but he is the only politician in my time who has tried to do exactly what he promised he would try to do, and he has accomplished a lot of very positive things, at least from my way of looking at things.

Now, I am perfectly willing to admit that everyone doesn’t think alike. I don’t understand how some people think, but I believe they have every right to think the way they do, which is what separates them from me. I respect their rights to a difference of opinion. I am not sure they respect mine.

But back to the glass half-empty crowd. A month ago, they were wringing their hands, certain that the so-called trade war with China was going to ruin the economy and throw the world into a slide the likes of which has not been seen since the Great Depression. For three days in a row the Dow Jones average tumbled, and some news sources were almost gleeful as they reported that fact.

And yet here we are in September and as I type these words the graph on my stock app is green and the Dow is well north of 27,000. A headline in the big city newspaper today noted that Georgia posted the strongest economic growth in August in two decades.

Let me repeat that. Georgia posted the STRONGEST economic growth in AUGUST in two decades.

We good, y’all. People are building. People are working. People are making money. People are spending money. People who want a job, have a job. Period. End of story. I’m talking about all people from all walks of life. The economy is good.

It’s so good that I want to repeat the previous statement. Georgia posted the strongest economic growth in August in two decades. That’s 20 years for folks who aren’t great in math. Good for Georgia. Good for Brian Kemp. Good for Donald Trump. Good for “We the people.” Good for the United States.

And the economy is good everywhere. I haven’t been in every U.S. state this year, but I have been in 42 of the 50 — and I see construction cranes and “Help Wanted” signs everywhere I go.

Meanwhile, former U.S. President Jimmy “Peanut” Carter, who is obviously starving for attention, goes to that bastion of liberal thought, Emory University, this week and states that “four more years of Donald Trump as president will be disastrous for our country.”

This from a man who presided over the near destruction of the U.S. military, gave away the Panama Canal, was unable to free 52 American hostages from Iran for 444 days, kept hundreds of American athletes from competing in the 1980 Olympic games, wouldn’t let us turn on our heaters or Christmas lights, saw home interest rates reach 18%, saw the almost impossible economic condition of “stagflation,” which is inflation and recession occurring simultaneously and a man who went on national television and admitted that a malaise had fallen over the American people.

Sure, it had. He caused it.

Yes, four more years of Trump will be a disaster for those who think like Jimmy Carter because the unemployment rate will be virtually zero, and those dependent on government support will have dwindled to an all-time low number and the long-time dream of bringing socialism to this great country will have been put on the back burner.

Did I mention that Georgia posted the strongest economic growth in August in two decades?


Darrell Huckaby is an author in Rockdale County. Email him at