CONYERS — General Ray Davis Middle School has four pieces of artwork currently on display at the Youth Art Exhibit in Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Concourse E.

Savannah Deeter, Alexis Lovett, Allison Jones and Olivia DeFrancesco’s work went up earlier this month and will be on display through August.

“Our students recently went on an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the airport’s massive art collection as well as their own artwork,” said art instructor Katy King. “I am so proud of each of these young ladies artistic accomplishments, they are why I teach children- they brighten my day and are a pure pleasure to teach.”

GRDMS has been nominated to display four more art pieces in the fall exhibit as well.

“As an artist, I am inspired by many things that I see in the world such as flowers, trees, buildings and people in general,” said Lovett. “I love driving through Atlanta and seeing the many variety of artworks displayed throughout the city. The creativity and abstraction in these beautiful pieces inspire me to use my potential in many different ways expressed through my art. Many well-known artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo DaVinci have done the same as well. Doing wonderful projects and assignments similar to the giraffe painting that was posted at the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, means so very much to me. It encourages me to continue doing what I love, while incorporating my own personal feelings and emotions into the artwork. I am greatly appreciative of the many people that have helped me throughout my lifetime to help me achieve my goals, especially my wonderful Visual Arts teacher, Mrs. King. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have all these amazing opportunities I am presented with now.”

The Georgia Art Education Association currently has two galleries at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport which can display up to 220 works.

The Airport Youth Art Exhibit is sponsored by the Georgia Art Educators Association along with Hartsfield-Jackson’s Art Program.

Located on Concourse T and on the International Terminal (Concourse E) these exhibit spaces, which are reserved for GAEA members, change three times per year providing exhibit opportunities for more than 800 students. While art from K-12 is featured most of the year, college students may also apply.

The Youth Art Galleries are in the secured part of the airport so instead of an opening reception, private tours are available weekdays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Citizens can schedule at least a week in advance (five person minimum, 35 person maximum, with at least one chaperone per five children). After seeing the masterpieces, the guides can take patrons to see the other art exhibits in the airport.

Visit for more information.