CONYERS — A new study performed by, projected that Georgia will hold the No. 20 spot for most cases of diabetes in 2030, affecting 15.4% of its population.

Today, diabetes is an epidemic that affects 30 million Americans and costs more than $300 billion per year.

The study, The Rise of Diabetes in America by 2030, uses data from the Institute for Alternative Futures, the American Diabetes Association and the CDC.

Georgia also ranked No. 18 with the highest projected rate of increase at 38.5% by 2030.

Below are key national findings:

♦ Diabetes will increase by 38% and affect more than 15% of the population.

♦ 20 states will see diabetes rates increase nearly 40%.

♦ 10 states with highest rates: West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana and Delaware.

♦ 10 cities with highest rates: Miami, New Orleans, Charlotte, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, New York City and Boston.

Diabetes can cause a reduction in quality of life, psychological trauma, amputation of limbs and ultimately premature death.

The American Diabetes Association recommends several food and lifestyle choices including low-fat and low-carb options and daily exercise.

To learn more and how to prevent diabetes, visit the American Diabetes Association at

Covington native and proud Valdosta State alumna, Hunter has previously worked with The Covington News and Valdosta Daily Times. She started working for Rockdale/Newton Citizen in June 2018.

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