Editor’s Note: Restaurant health inspection reports published in the Citizen newspapers include only the restaurant’s name, address, score and date of inspection. This is due to the length of violations included in the reports. Readers who would like to know more about a restaurant’s score may go online at www.eastmetrohealth.com to read any violations recorded in the report.


• Burnie’s Bar-B-Q, 2021 Main St., Porterddale, 100/A, July 30.

• Checker’s Drive-In Restaurant #310, 3182 U.S. Highway 278, 93/A, Aug. 2.

• China Wing 101, 52 S. Broad St., Suite 300, Porterdale, 74/C, July 29.

• Cowboy’s BBQ, 1066 Ga. Highway 142, East, 92/A, July 30.

• J Best Wings, 3700 Salem Road, Suite 3822, 97/A, July 31.

• Mandarin Palace, 3116 U.S. Highway 278, 90/A, July 30.


No inspections published this week.

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