Deputies getting $1.3 million in new radios

CONYERS - Rockdale County Sheriff’s deputies will soon be getting up-to-date radio equipment as the Board of Commissioners is expected to approve the purchase of 338 new portable and dash-mounted radios for $1.3 million. The BOC heard the requisition request at its Feb. 5 work session and will vote on it at the Feb. 12 meeting.

The funding for the Motorola radios will come from the Sheriff’s Office’s capital requests portion of the 2019 budget, which also includes $178,835 for an upgrade in intercom and paging equipment in the 2007 section of the county jail.

A total of 231 portable radios for use by deputies and 107 dash-mounted radios for installation in patrol vehicles will be purchased for a total price of $1,309,864.80. The low bid on the radios came from Motorola Solutions and is a state contract price.

BOC Chair Oz Nesbitt Sr. said the new radios will be a big deal for the Sheriff’s Office.

“This will give them the equipment they need in terms of the communication devices out on the street,” he said. “The current units they are operating are out-of-date, and from a technology standpoint, this was needed as part of the upgrade for the entire department. This will really give them a big boost in the right direction and make sure they have coverage out there.”

Among other requisitions heard at the work session Tuesday was $348,984 for the purchase of 300 new computers for Rockdale County.

The purchase is part of Technology Services’ capital requests portion of the budget. The new Dell Optiplex 7760 All-In-One 27-inch computers are being purchased from Insight Public Sector in Tempe, Ariz., at a unit price of $1,163.28 and are being bought under a state contract price.

The BOC is also expected to approve this bid at the Feb. 12 meeting.

Insight noted in its project quote that the price was good only until Feb. 10, based on possible tariff increases that Dell anticipates. Dell is among several name brand computer companies that uses components made in China. If negotiations between the U.S. and China on trade are not successful, there could be a 10-25 percent increase in tariffs beginning in March, which may mean that companies pass production cost increases on to their customers.

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