JACK SIMPSON: Daylight-saving time means it’s spring again

Jack Simpson

Another second Sunday of March has rolled around and spring is upon us! The arrival of daylight-saving

time is at least as good as the groundhog in predicting spring’s arrival.

Fall back but spring forward. This is to remind us of the need to reset our clocks. If you do not like the idea, go ahead and cuss out old Ben Franklin. He started all this back in 1784.

We can thank Ben for the chance to see less of this cold weather, but reserve praise because we lose sleep so we can gain more daylight at day’s end. Neurologists tell us this change will take us about a week to get used to.

My beef with old Ben is having to go all over the house changing clocks. Do you suppose Ben gave this chore much thought.

I hit it lucky this year. While I was taking my evening shower, my spouse took pity on me and she changed most of our clocks before I came out of the bathroom. Thank you, ma’am, oh, thank you! What a special present. Now I am free of this hassle until November, when I have to join everyone in falling back. More clock setting from which it may be harder to escape my responsibilities. Do you suppose I might use the old shower excuse and get away with it again? Cuss you, Ben, for hanging us with this unpleasant clock changing twice a year.

No question, clock changing is controversial and many would be happy to see it disappear. Does it save energy?

If it is too great a burden, then I guess we could move to Kenya, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia where this time change is not honored. By going to new places, we might bring ourselves new problems.

So, I guess we just have to grin and bear our burden. Spring forward, fall back. Cut down on the number of clocks in the house. Have pity on old Ben Franklin. He may not have realized that by changing the blocks twice yearly we also change our moods. I’m using my week’s period of adjustment to the new time just to bring that smile back to my face!

Jack Simpson is a former educator, a veteran, an author and a law enforcement officer. His column appears each weekend in this newspaper.

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