Nancy Guinn’s “100 Years of Service” to open more doors

CONYERS — In “A celebration of wisdom, vision and philanthropic duty”— the Nancy Guinn Memorial Library will be celebrating it’s 100 Years of Service on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 11 a.m.

“Nancy Guinn’s roots are deep in the Conyers community,” said Brenda Poku, Nancy Guinn director. “In 1914, libraries were sparse and segregated. To think that just five years later, the civic women’s group of Conyers, through progressiveness, saw that literacy mattered speaks volumes.”

At Saturday’s event, the library’s various stakeholders including representatives from the Conyers Civic League, Friends of the Library and the Library Board of Trustees will present and thank patrons with a special surprise, “one I know the community and the children will be excited to see return,” said Poku.

Saturday won’t be a one-time event but will kick start celebrations throughout the rest of the year.

“Celebrating 100 Years of Library Service is not a one-day thing, that would not serve our community justice,” said Poku. “However, it will serve as the umbrella for special program events, service upgrades and library renovations that will be highlighted throughout the year. Nancy Guinn is transitioning on multiple fronts as what we know will be a great 21st century library.”

Poku believes that literacy is of the utmost importance and by blending critical technologies while paying homage to the past, will better position the library to serve its growing and culturally diverse communities.

“Look at how much not only the library has evolved but the city of Conyers,” said Poku. “We are blessed to have such a unique and dedicated community that trusts us.”

Poku also said she is eternally grateful to the pillars of this community, patrons, city leaders, the library’s staff, active board members and Rockdale commissioners, for maintaining such a healthy library. Poku insists that “everyone should keep an eye on the library because we are shaking and moving in all the right ways for all the right reasons.”

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