Rockdale Youth Leadership accepting applications

CONYERS — The Rockdale Youth Leadership program is accepting applications until Sept. 5 from high school sophomores aspiring to lead and share their passion for serving the community.

The eight-month program, a collaboration of the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce and Rockdale County Public Schools, provides leadership development and community awareness training for 10th grade students in Rockdale County.

Young applicants will have the opportunity to interact with community leaders, local elected officials, and school administrators to enhance their awareness of community needs and resources.

Electees will also attend interactive workshops, special tours, and community service projects to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become confident, caring leaders in their community.

Students can be nominated by another student, parent, teacher, counselor, administrator, or by themselves to participate in this year’s program.

Students must complete the application and have the reference forms completed by a counselor and a coach, teacher, or administrator at their school.

Students must meet the following criteria:

♦ Demonstrate leadership potential.

♦ Minimum 2.5 GPA.

♦ Student in good standing with clear attendance and behavior records. (High school attendance and discipline reports are reviewed).

♦ Willing to participate in community service activities.

♦ Willing to participate in all sessions after school including some Saturdays.

♦ Willing to pursue a school leadership role following participation in the program.

♦ Complete the application in its entirety.

The RYL application deadline is Thursday, Sept. 5. For applications, please go to

Applications may be submitted electronically to Deborah Neason at or as a hard copy at 1131 West Avenue, Conyers.