House hit by vehicle for fourth time

Blue siding covers a hole in the side of this home on McDaniel Mill Road. A truck crashed into the house on Dec. 31, barely missing a pregnant woman and her boyfriend sitting in the next room. This is the fourth time a vehicle has hit the house, which sits at the corner of McDaniel Mill and Adrian Circle. After a similar accident in 2007, Rockdale County installed a guardrail at the corner, which can be seen in the foreground. The end of the guardrail to the left is just out of the photo and it appears the truck completely missed the barrier before hitting the house. (Staff Photo: Larry Stanford)

CONYERS - For the fourth time in the last 15 years, a car has hit a home on McDaniel Mill Road in Conyers. The latest accident occurred on New Year’s Eve, and a pregnant woman was in the room next to where the car struck the house.

According to a report from WSB-TV, Nevilyn Karney and her boyfriend were in the room right next to where the truck hit. Karney, who is eight months pregnant, was not injured.

A spokesperson for the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said Kori Duan Searcy of Atlanta was allegedly driving drunk on Dec. 31 when he topped a small hill, lost control of his truck and struck the side of the house at the corner of McDaniel Mill Road and Adrian Circle. Searcy was transported to the hospital for examination. He has been charged with DUI, failure to maintain lane, striking a fixed object, and driving with an expired license.

Karney’s mother-in-law, Barbara Parker, owns the home and said this was the fourth time someone has run off the road and hit her house.

In 2009, a Rockdale County Sheriff’s deputy crashed into the home. The deputy was traveling south on McDaniel Mill Road with blue lights running in response to a burglary in progress call. As he topped the hill, he apparently lost control of his patrol car and struck a culvert and street sign at Adrian Drive and careened into the front yard of the house. The patrol car severed a utility pole, which caught fire, before crashing into the house. The patrol car flipped over on impact before coming to rest on its roof.

The deputy was able to crawl out of his vehicle and was transported by helicopter to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta. Parker’s mother-in-law and father-in-law were in the house at the time of the accident, but were not injured.

Parker said at the time that was the third vehicle to hit their house since they bought it in 2003. Both previous incidents involved drunk drivers. Parker said the first time a car crashed into the carport and damaged supports on that side of the house. The second time, which occurred in 2007, a car struck near the same area the deputy’s car hit.

Parker said in 2009 that she had been begging the county to put a guard rail up to protect her and her family. A guard rail has been installed at the corner of McDaniel Mill and Adrian Circle since then, but that did not keep the truck from crashing into her house on New Year’s Eve, and Parker said she is angry that the county has not done more to protect her family and their home.

The Citizen checked with Rockdale County Department of Transportation (RDOT) Director Brian Allen to see if anything else can be done. Allen, who had not previously worked in Rockdale before being named director in 2017, said he saw the WSB report and that it was the first time he had heard of the situation. He added that RDOT staff was sent to look at the area and that they are investigating options and hope to have an answer in a few days.

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