RWR working on wastewater smell in north Rockdale

CONYERS – Rockdale Water Resources plans to make repairs to the wastewater treatment facility in north Rockdale to address the smell concerns plaguing the residents of Keswick Village, Queenie Woods, Mountain Valley, Windridge and surrounding neighborhoods.

The unit at the Quigg Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tatum Road has weathered years of aging causing cracks in the facility, according to the county. These cracks release the gases from the pretreatment facility, which causes the unpleasant smell in the surrounding area.

RWR has identified where the cracks are and will begin working toward repairing them, as well as immediately moving into plans to construct a new pretreatment facility to replace the current facility. Weather permitting the short-term solution repairs begin in two to four weeks. The long-term solution is to have a new facility completed by early 2020. Both solutions should begin to significantly reduce the smell.

For questions or more information, contact Jorge Diez, Rockdale County public relations director, at 770-278-7056 or

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