Man narrowly escapes watery grave, thanks to Henry County Fire Department

Henry County Fire Department rescued a man from this car after it ran into the water behind Pilgreen's in McDonough Aug. 3. EMS checked out the driver, who refused transport to a hospital.

McDONOUGH—Henry County Fire officers rescued a man whose car ran into the pond behind Pilgreen's Steakhouse at Lake Dow early in the morning on Aug. 3.

According to HCFD, crews responded to a call of a car in the water at 1720 Lake Dow Rd. They found the car partially submerged with the driver still inside. The driver's head was above the water but he was did not respond to questions or commands.

As the car slid further into the pond, the incident commander sent one rescuer into the water. That rescuer pulled the man from the car and brought him back to shore.

EMS evaluated the unidentified driver, who refused transport to a hospital.

HCFD commended C shift Co. 10, squad 1, SR 12, B3, Car 1 "and all involved" for their efforts.