RCPS 2020 Science Fair

Submitted PhotoMore than 210 Rockdale County middle and high school students participated in the RCPS Science Fair.

CONYERS — More than 210 student researchers in middle and high school competed with their science and engineering projects in 23 different categories at the Rockdale Regional Science and Engineering Fair, held Jan. 24.

The 165 student projects were evaluated by more than 80 professionals who volunteered their time and expertise.

“Thank you to our volunteers, to the hard-working and dedicated organizers/directors Amanda Baskett and Scott Bolen, and to the sponsors who made this event possible including The Dart Foundation, Delta Community Credit Union, The Rockdale Magnet Fund. Big thanks to all the teachers, coaches, parents, mentors who guided and supported these student researchers, said RCPS administrators in a release.

Many of the award winners will advance to compete at the state, national or international level. Below is the list of awards and recipients:

Grand Champion Awards (advancing to the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair)

Senior Division (high school):

Brandon Gignilliat, Chase Malone; Lizbeth Cazares, Emily Kirkwood; Morgan Gill; Sydney Moodie, Amelia Page; Josie Slotnik; Ashanah Gayden, Tommy Nguyen; Justin Bromell; Sarah Burkey; Cole Nangle; Tymesha-Elizabeth Kindell; Laura Goldgar; Zaria Battle, Mariana Rios; Elizabeth Huynh; Hailey Covarrubias, Megan Fachisthers; Skyler McLymore; Hector Aguirre; Alexander Zakirov; Asianna Haughton; Makayla Bryant; Shivam Vohra; Julie Gutsulyak; Nawal Reza; Gina Wiggs; Alisha Robbins; Britanny Knowles; Sya Chandler; Maxwell Thomas and Jayda Uslu.

Junior Division (middle school):

Barkley Dowdy, Ryan Rakestraw; Prakash Gupta; Olivia DeFrancesco, Camille Hall, Jessica Rhee; Arianna Boyd; Addison Cabe; Austen Aldrich; Matilda Rodgers, Rowan Rodgers; Gavin Reece, Devon White; Micah Frazier, Shamar Henry; Caleb Patterson, Andrew Tyler; Alexa Apiyo, Love Cheng and Kayla Holland.

RRSEF Honors

Senior Division (high school) First Honors:

Brandon Gignilliat, Chase Malone; Lizbeth Cazares, Emily Kirkwood; Josie Slotnik; Morgan Gill; Sydney Moodie, Amelia Page; Ashanah Gayden, Tommy Nguyen; Justin Bromell; Sarah Burkey; Cole Nangle; Laura Goldgar; Tymesha-Elizabeth Kindell; Candy Zheng; Alexander Zakirov; Elizabeth Huynh; Hailey Covarrubias, Megan Fachisthers; Hector Aguirre; Skylar McLymore; Zaria Battle, Mariana Rios; Alisha Robbins; Asianna Haughton; Britanny Knowles; Gina Wiggs; Julie Gutsulyak; Makayla Bryant; Maxwell Thomas, Jayda Uslu; Nawal Reza; Shivam Vohra; Sya Chandler; Ava Bailey; Caitlyn Hildebran; Daisy Mendez; Daniela Aguilar, Sydnee Hairston; Destiny Carnegie; Douglas Bone; Gabrielle Allen; Gabrielle Wood; Kaliyah Vereen; Lesly Cadena; Madeline Lombard; Madison Lee, Ashley Peacock; Najah Reed; Nicholas Muong; Nicole Matthews; Olivia Tonpea; Taylor Curtis; Timothy Nguyen and William Kelly.

Senior Division (high school) second Honors:

Aaron Prioleau; Cortney Calligan; Dellis McCalla; Elizabeth Clark, Rose Francois; Emma MacDonald; Gavin Garner; Henry Canseco; Isabelle Sanderson; Jaidyn Sawyer; Jalyn Jones; Janae Innis; Jayden Evering, Lucah Lloyd; Jerry Gonzalez; Jocelyn Davis, Sara Tanner; Joel Oniha; Joshua Banks; Justin Carter; Kayla Sinclair; Kristen Thacker; Kwatcho Mahinanda; Levi Sherrod; Margaret Hwang; Micaela Shillingford; Michaella Cowin; Nylah Ductan; Stephen Sellers, Hannah Sistrat; Sydney Palmer; Tyler Brown and Victoria Martins-Olufowote.

Senior Division (high school) third Honors:

Abigail Patterson; Abrionna Jennings; Ayana Moore; Catherine Sanderson; Eric Montgomery; Hannah-Kay Williams; Jacob Grant; Jade Callwood; Joseph Chupuico; Mckenzie Kenelly; Marsha Russell; Nadia Foster; Nakira Oglesby; Nakita Oglesby; Nathan Chirico; Nathaniel Gignilliat; Tiana Ervin and Zak Yassin.

Junior Division (middle school) first Honors:

Barkley Dowdy, Ryan Rakestraw; Olivia DeFrancesco, Camille Hall, Jessica Rhee; Prakash Gupta; Arianna Boyd; Austen Aldrich; Caleb Patterson, Andrew Tyler; Gavin Reece, Devon White; Matilda Rodgers, Rowan Rodgers; Micah Frazier, Shamar Henry; Alexa Apiyo, Love Cheng, Kayla Holland; Abigail Buchanan, Noah Buchanan, Bonie Roberts; Alan Nguyen, Joshua Smith; Jaycee Herth, Alexi Lovett, Nisa Washington; William Gilkey; Xander Atkinson and Aeneas Moore.

Junior Division (middle school) second Honors:

Adrianna DeFelice, Gabriel Flowers; Jaydon White; Jayla Myers; Patrice Campbell, Michelle Ngo; Rogers Gotier, Elijah Johnson and William Edmunds.

Junior Division (middle school) third Honors:

Bryce Spann, Isabella Waller; Kameron Bolton; Mckenzie Broughton; Quentin Keith; Wyatt Plaza and Zariah Hill.

Specialty Awards

♦ American Meteorological Society: Julie Gutsysulak and Nylah Ductan.

♦ American Psychological Association: Gabrielle Wood.

♦ ASM Materials Education Foundation: Nicole Matthews.

♦ Association for Women Geoscientists: Kwatcho Mahinanda.

♦ Doubting Thomas Award: Madison Jackson.

♦ The Kennedy Award: Kyndel Jones.

♦ Mu Alpha Theta Award: Aaron Prilouea.

♦ NASA Earth System Science Award: Nicole Matthews.

♦ NOAA Taking the Pulse of the Planet Award: Abigail Buchanan, Noah Buchanan and Bonnie Roberts.

♦ Ricoh Sustainable Development Award: Nathaniel Gignilliat.

♦ Society for In Vitro Biology: Najah Reed.

♦ Sydney Turner Award in Research (STAR): Najah Reed.

♦ Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Emily Kirkwood, Lizbeth Cazares and Julie Gutsylak.

♦ U.S. Agency for International Development: Candy Zheng

♦ U.S. Air Force: Brandon Gignilliat, Chase Malone, Lizbeth Cazares and Emily Kirkwood.

♦ U.S. Metric Association SI Metric Award: Abigail Buchanan, Noah Buchanan and Bonnie Roberts.

♦ U.S. Navy and Marine Corps: Austen Aldrich, Addison Cabe, Cole Nangle, Tymesha Elizabeth Kindell, Candy Zheng and Laura Goldgar.

♦ Yale Science & Engineering Association, Inc.: Makayla Bryant.

♦ Broadcom MASTERS (top six junior division projects):Olivia DeFrancesco, Camille Hall, Jessica Rhee; Barkley Dowdy, Ryan Rakestraw and Prakash Gupta.

♦ Regeneron STS Recommendation Award: Julie Gutsulyak; Zaria Battle, Marianna Rios; Jaidyn Sawyer; Nylah Ductan; Nawal Reza; Elizabeth Huynh; Zak Yassin; Nicole Matthews; Nathaniel Gignilliant; Madeline Lombard; Marsha Russell; Hailey Covarrubias and Megan Fachisthers.

♦ Weizmann Institute of Science: Shivam Vohra; Sarah Burkey; Justin Bromell; Tommy Nguyen, Ashanah Gayden; Brandon Gignilliat, Chase Malone; Cole Nangle; Tymesha-Elizabeth Kindell and Candy Zheng.

♦ NCSSS (National Consortium of Specialized STEM Schools) Student Conference Award: Hailey Covarrubias, Megan Faschithers; Skylar McLymore; Elizabeth Huynh; Hector Aguirre; Alexander Zakirov; Zaria Battle and Mariana Rios.

♦ Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF):Tommy Nguyen, Ashanah Gayden; Sarah Burkey and Justin Bromell.

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