2019 ncss science fair

Indian Creek Middle School eighth-grader, Brooklynn Wescott won first place in the Energy: Physical category with her project, “Does Candle Color Influence the Rate it Burns?”



COVINGTON — The Newton County School System recently announced the winners of the NCSS 2019 District Science Fair.

All middle and high school students who earned first place awards will now move on to challenge students from Fayette, Henry, Griffin-Spalding, Butts, Pike, Lamar and Thomaston Upson county schools at Griffin RESA Regional Science & Engineering Fair on Feb. 6. (A small group of elementary students also participated in the district science fair to gain experience and exposure to the competition.)

“Congratulations to each of our science fair winners,” said Samantha Fuhrey, superintendent of Newton County School System. “I know that a lot of time and effort goes into researching and conducting science experiments for each project; I commend each of the students for taking the time to participate. I was very much impressed by the wide variety of projects on display at the science fair. Our students conducted some extremely high caliber experiments so I know our first place winners will represent Newton County School System well in the regional science fair.”

The following is a list of all Newton County School System Science Fair winners along with their project titles.

 Name School  Grade   Project Title  Category  Place
 Ava Ricci Fairview Elementary   You Should Not Have to "Carie" Your Teeth  Life Science  1st 
 Aiden Walls Mansfield Elementary   Which Liquid is Best?  Life Science  1st 
 Payton Tremblay South Salem Elementary   Hydrate Your Plants  Life Science  1st 
 Josselin Zintzun South Salem Elementary   Erosion Revisited  Earth Science  1st 
 Tristian Rascoe Live Oak Elementary   What Keeps Apples from Turning Brown?  Physical Science  1st 
 Makayla Darnell Heard-Mixon Elementary   You Got Pain-I Got the Answer  Physical Science  1st 
 Kaden O'Cain Heard-Mixon Elementary   Egg-stra Stained  Physical Science  1st 
 Katie Williams Mansfield Elementary   Hydropower  Engineering  1st 
 Kaylee Ransom Live Oak Elementary   Can Your Plants Grow with Other Liquids?  Life Science  2nd 
 Elizabeth Mendez Livingston Elementary   Crazy Crystals  Earth Science  2nd 
 Madeline Malone South Salem Elementary   Avoid Halitosis for the Holidays  Physical Science  2nd 
 Rob Thompson East Newton Elementary   Payload Placement  Engineering  2nd 
 Paul Farmer East Newton Elementary   The Capillary Effect  Life Science  3rd 
 Markita Little & Kaynise Hawkins West Newton Elementary   Rocks  Earth Science  3rd 
 Aliya Mason Fairview Elementary   Disappearing Act  Physical Science  3rd 
 William Sharpe & Connor May Newton County Theme School   Which Bridge is Standing Up?  Engineering  3rd 
 Brooke Ellington Newton County Theme School   Permanent or Not?  Chemistry  1st 
 Megan McElhaney Newton County Theme School   Color's Effect on Temperature  Chemistry  1st 
 Tucker Consuegra Newton County Theme School   What Type of Deer Bait Attracts the Most White-Tailed Deer?  Animal Sciences  1st 
 Kenzie Thompson Newton County Theme School   Can Bees be Detectives?  Animal Sciences  1st 
 Nathaniel Stafford Indian Creek Middle   Do Plants Respond More to Living or Nonliving Organisms?  Plant Sciences  1st 
 Katheryn Wilber Newton County Theme School   Cover Your Cough  Biomedical/Health  1st 
 Chloe Icenhour Newton County Theme School   Will Different Diets Affect Worm Casting Nutrients?  Environmental  1st 
 Ava Middlebrooks Indian Creek Middle   Can You Blame the Supplies or the Bakers?  Materials Science  1st 
 Christopher Camba Cousins Middle   How Does Current Affect LED Brightness?  Engineering: Mechanics  1st 
 Brooklynn Wescott Indian Creek Middle   Does Candle Color Influence the Rate it Burns?  Energy: Physical  1st 
 Megan Ellington Newton County Theme School   What's the Bright Idea?  Physics/Astronomy  1st 
 Jayden Wilson Newton County Theme School   How Resistant are Some Types of Water to Electricity?  Materials Science  1st 
 Nathaniel Ehret Newton County Theme School   What Type of Bat Will Make a Batted Ball Go the Farthest?  Physics/Astronomy  
 Sanaa Tripp & Galia Pittman Clements Middle   Long Charger vs Short Charger  Energy: Physical  1st 
 Yakari Bryant & Donquitas Brittain, Jr. Indian Creek Middle   Want to Make A Video Game? Here's How.  Systems Software  2nd 
 Kayla Plummer Cousins Middle   Effects of Sodium Alginate and Spherification  Chemistry  2nd 
 Tasha Sigrah Indian Creek Middle   Does Good Music Equal Good Grades?  Behavioral/Social  2nd 
 Imari  Humphrey & Kayla McKenzie Clements Middle   How Does Alka Seltzer Affect Your Body?  Biomedical/Health  2nd 
 Ausar Dukes & Jeron Tucker, Jr. Clements Middle   Easy Water  Environmental  2nd 
 Aubrey Norton Cousins Middle   How Much Preservatives are in Your Favorite French Fries?  Biomedical/Health  2nd 
 Jordan Allen & Riley Rawls Indian Creek Middle   Name Brand vs Store Brand  Behavioral/Social  2nd 
 Miranda Leslie, Grace Yi, & Ashlyn Hoy Indian Creek Middle   Does Color Have a Taste?  Behavioral/Social  2nd 
 Grayson Carter & Joshua Stephenson Cousins Middle   What Makes a Good Aerodynamic Design?  Physics/Astronomy  2nd 
 Kalyn Hansen Indian Creek Middle   What is Electrolysis and What Effect Does it Have on Metal Objects?  Energy: Chemical  3rd 
 Jeslyn Cruz Clements Middle   Can You Light up a Bulb With Water?  Energy: Chemical  3rd 
 Kiawah Greene Clements Middle   Eco Gel vs Wet Line Extreme Gel  Materials Science  3rd 
 Kya Hinkson, Magina Cobbs, & Khyndall Lambert Clements Middle   Electrical: Conductivity  Energy: Chemical  3rd 
 Lawson Witcher & Kashoua Xiong Cousins Middle   Rainbow Fire  Energy: Chemical  3rd 
 Ariel Ray Veterans Memorial Middle   Plant Growth  Life  3rd 
 April Hernandez & Daniela Fajardo Veterans Memorial Middle   Fruit and Mold  Life  3rd 
 Jordan Lee-Davis Clements Middle   Shrinking Chip Bag  Materials Science  3rd 
 Gabriel Williams & Jaelon Robson Clements Middle    Wind Energy Production Energy: Physical  3rd 
 Justin Dixon & Benjamin Lowe Liberty Middle   Can a Balloon Power a Water Bottle?  Physics/Astronomy  3rd 
 Garnel Pierre Liberty Middle   Bottled Up Buoyancy  Physics/Astronomy  3rd 
 Niya Mosley Clements Middle   Is it as Advertised?  Materials Science  3rd 
 Joshua Gore, Keyundre Mapp, & Zakai Worrell Newton High  10  Ferro Fluid and Oil   Chemistry 1st 
 Bailey Smith & Max Gomes Newton College & Career Academy  10  Connections in Learning: GA Student Assessment Correlations  Mathematics  1st 
 Skye Nash & Osamudia Omoregbe Newton College & Career Academy  11  DNA Sequencing of Plants NAtive to Georgia  Cellular/Molecular Biology  1st 
 Joana Godinez & Arriana Gross Newton High  10  Observation of Memory  Behavioral/Social  1st 
 Hadjiat Olushesi, Star Baker, & Briyani Thompson Newton High  10  Burger Breakdownl  Environmental  1st 
 Natalia Sanchez & Gabriela Sanchez Newton College & Career Academy  11, 10  Feeding Red Worms: Type of Organic Waste Worms Compost Quickest  Earth/Environmental Science  1st 
 Abigail Caceres & Jade Cofer Newton College & Career Academy  11  Does the Concentration of Carbohydrates Affect  Antibiotic Resistance? Microbiology  1st 
 Briana Francis Newton College & Career Academy  10  Exploring DNA Damage: Effects of Types of Sunscreen  Microbiology  1st 
 Jamaree Brown & Tatom Curtis Newton College & Career Academy  10  E. Coli vs Controlled UV Light  Microbiology  1st 
 Sydney Meeler Eastside High  12  Biological Pathways in DNA Reparation & Cancerous Division  Microbiology  1st 
 Victoria Bailey & Caiden Newman  Eastside High 11 In Living Color: Varying Wavelenghts of Light/Circadian Rhythms  Biomed/Health  1st 
 Kellie Reynolds Eastside High  10  Contrast Sensitivity in Relation to Light Intensity/Peripheral Vision  Biomed/Health  1st 
 Abigail Sugg Newton College & Career Academy  11  Bleak to Bright  Engineering Mechanics  1st 
 Samuel Lent & Riley Poynter Newton College & Career Academy  10  Sound Proofing with Recyclable Materials  Materials Science  1st 
 Christian Van Nipper Newton College & Career Academy  11  Blast Off!  Physics/Astronomy  1st 
 Taylor Armstrong, Anthony Wilson, and Anthony Stewart Newton High  10  Investigating our Surroundings  Behavioral/Social  2nd 
 Jacqueline Munoz & Tyshanna Jones Newton High  10  Correlation Between Eggs and a Cupcake's Height  Materials Science  2nd 
 Taylor Loyd, Lexi Cook, & Ethan Hernandez Newton High  10  Differentiating Color  Behavioral/Social  3rd

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