NCSS SAT scores improve across the board

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COVINGTON – When compared to results from 2018-19, the state of Georgia, Newton County and Rockdale County schools saw a general decrease this year in composite as well as individual math and evidence-based reading and writing SAT scores.

Georgia public school students earned a mean composite score of 1,048; NCSS students earned a mean score of 989; and RCPS had 979.

Newton County students posted a 1-point gain (479) in math but declined by 2 points (510) in evidenced-based reading and writing this year.

Overall, the district composite score dropped 2 points in 2019.

At school level, Eastside High School increased scores across the board posting a 16-point gain (562) in evidenced-based reading and writing and a five-point gain (540) in math. This resulted in a 21-point gain (1,102) on their composite score. The school’s scores also topped both their state and national peers in 2019. Only 113 students took the assessment.

Alcovy High School students posted a nine-point increase (476) on math scores in 2019 but did drop by 5 points (503) on evidenced-based reading and writing in 2019. Overall, the school increased its composite score by four points (979) this year. A total of 199 students took the test.

Newton High School saw scores dip on the SAT in 2019 — posting a seven-point decrease (494) in evidenced-based reading and writing and a four-point decrease (457) in math for a combined 12-point drop (951) on the composite score this year. More than 250 students took the exam.

“Congratulations to both Alcovy and Eastside High Schools for their increased results on their SAT scores this school year,” said Samantha Fuhrey, NCSS Superintendent. “I would also like to recognize Eastside High School’s students as they outpaced both the state and the nation. Both schools’ results are a reflection of the hard work and focus that is required of our teachers and leaders. Improving student outcomes takes a combination of high expectations of our students and staff, rigorous coursework in all grade levels, the daily utilization of highly effective teaching practices, and the commitment of our students to place a high importance on their education. It is also important for students to have support from parents and family to reinforce the value of their education.”

In Rockdale County, the district’s mean score sits at 979, 16 points down from last year’s average.

Rockdale also saw a decline in math scores by seven points (476) and 10 points in reading and writing (503).

Rockdale County’s class of 2019 represented the largest number of SAT test-takers in four years and was the largest graduating class to date in RCPS, earning over $20 million in scholarships with an increased graduation rate over the previous year.

Heritage High had 277 students take the test landing their mean score 10 points under (982) 2018’s results, the math average four points under (474) and the evidence-based reading and writing seven points (508) under.

Salem High School saw scores dip on the SAT in 2019— posting a 12-point decrease (472) in evidence-based reading and writing and a five-point decrease (448) in Math for a total 18-point drop (919) on the composite score this year. A total of 191 students took the exam.

Rockdale County High School students posted a three-point decrease (495) on math scores in 2019 as well as a drop by 17 points (518) on evidence-based reading and writing in 2019. Overall, the school decreased its composite score by 10 points (1013). A total of 322 students took the test.

“As a district, our focus is on affording our students effective advisement that optimally informs their postsecondary planning and preparation to include their choice of college entrance exams,” said Superintendent Dr. Terry Oatts. “No singular college entrance exam is wholly indicative of students’ prospective success in college as the College Board itself readily concedes; however, we are committed to punctuating our students’ college and career readiness by enhancing a wide range of indicators including but not limited to college entrance exam performance, end-of-pathway assessment performance, and pathway aligned work-based learning placements.”

In its release, the Georgia Department of Education said two years ago, the 2017 SAT results set a new baseline for year-to-year comparisons. Reports prior to 2017 were based on the old SAT, which had a different score scale and different benchmarks. The 2017, 2018 and 2019 SAT scores are comparable. Comparisons to 2016 or earlier are not valid.