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The Newton Citizen Poll question for July 11 was: “With school resuming in just a few weeks, do you think the summer break is long enough, or would you like to return to the more traditional school calendar?”


“I think they should go back a week later. Too short.”


“Kids need a longer summer. In my opinion, I think the fall break and winter break are a waste and schools need to eliminate this and give a longer summer.”


“Summers are too short, the fact that they’re starting on a Friday is mind-blowing! And the amount of summer assignments my soon-to-be second-grader has is just crazy. Growing up I don’t remember having projects, math logs and a reading log to complete over the summer in elementary school. It’s a little much.”


“Traditional calendar.”


“I think kids and teachers need a longer break in the summer. If kids go to any kind of camp, and then their family wants to take a vacation, it’s hard to get all that scheduled in just a few weeks.”

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