COVINGTON The Newton County Board of Education’s Tuesday work session was short, but did highlight some upcoming potential changes.

As part of ongoing security improvements throughout the district, a call has been made to upgrade all school security camera systems.

Newton County School System chief of operations, Michael Barr requested that the board approve the superintendent’s recommendation of purchasing the appropriate upgrades for school security cameras and supporting technology.

Using Nichols Security Commercial of Covington for cameras and servers, Venture Netcomm Inc. of Loganville for cabling and Byteworks of Duluth for switches, the estimated cost is $1,151,509.92

Funds will be provided by the state of Georgia via two grants to assist in this endeavor ($843,597.) An additional $320,000 in capital funds were initially set aside for the project.

Barr also requested approval for the annual renewable contract for fleet service inspection services performed by Morgan Fleet Services Inc. of Monroe.

At a cost of $55 per bus per inspection, the estimated contract value is $103,950.

The invitation to bid was originally awarded in November 2016.

Board Member Eddie Johnson asked Barr to provide more documentation on why the system solicits for services outside the system.

Lastly, Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey presented the board with changes to the 2020 Legislative Priorities and asked if any additional changes needed to be made.

If approved, the NCSS Legislative Priorities will support:

♦ A funding formula that includes one School Resource Officer and one mental health professional at every school.

♦ The reduction of the number of state-required assessments to the federal minimum.

♦ And, the employment of retired teachers without impact to their Teacher Retirement System benefits, to assist with teacher shortage.

The NCSS Board will vote on these items on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at the NCSS Board Room at 7 p.m.