Special PhotoTina Mitchell’s fourth grade class at Piedmont Academy successfully completed the Toothpaste Challenge. Kasen Martin, Reid Carter and Taylor Maddox had to remove the toothpaste without talking and using only one hand and then put it back with no talking and only a toothpick.

COVINGTON Piedmont Academy has had a great first part of the school year.

Tina Mitchell’s fourth grade class began school by experiencing and successfully completing the Toothpaste Challenge.

Students had to remove the toothpaste from the tube without talking and with only one hand. That was the easy part … afterwards, students were asked to put the toothpaste back into the tube without talking and with only a toothpick.

These students learned how to work together as a team to make great accomplishments.

Meanwhile, Mitchell’s fifth grade class has been studying physical and chemical properties while learning all about matter.

“These fifth grade scientists are working diligently to determine if and when a chemical reaction has occurred,” said Mitchell.