Rockdale BOE takes first look at budget

CONYERS — The Rockdale County Board of Education will host its final public hearing for comments on the proposed millage rate at 6:45 p.m. Thursday, July 18.

Immediately after, the board will take action on the proposed millage of 24.7.

Each year the board is responsible for adopting a millage rate to be used to collect local property taxes needed by the school system to meet its budgetary requirements.

The legal school millage rate cap is set at 30 mills for RCPS. Many school systems around Georgia have their millage rates capped at 20 mills, but years ago Rockdale voters approved a referendum allowing the millage to be set as high as 30 mills.

In June, the board approved a $173 million general fund budget as presented by RCPS.

The proposed millage rate to fund the budget is .20 mills less than the rate from the previous year, but because of an increase in the value of taxable property in the county, it is still considered a tax increase.

Tax collections are expected to increase an estimated $176,277 from last year. Net taxes have increased by 7.2% in comparison to last year’s 8%.

The millage rate was 25.39 in 2014, after decreasing from 26 mills in 2013 and returned to 25.32 mills in 2015, 2016 and 2017, according to the 10-year history.

The 10-year digest can be found on the RCPS website under the BOE July 11 meeting agenda.