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“Two years after paid focus groups told GPC what was wrong at Newton Campus and a month after a newly hired and paid retired consultant conducted staff and faculty interviews to be told the same thing they were told two years ago, and still no changes and summer enrollment is extremely low with hardly any courses offered. The campus is a shell of its former self when good leaders were run off …. I predict GSU will sell Newton off to some other entity. Oh well. It has to have been intentional. No other way to explain it.”


“I was angry that your journalist Aimee Jones would use a salacious, enticing, and inflammatory lie in the headline ‘Woman gets Tasered for not signing traffic ticket’ and your editor would allow this headline knowing it is false and is a lie simply to draw in readers. If you actually read the article you understood that the woman was uncooperative, would not let the officer communicate with her, fought the police, kicked the officer, and refused to do anything they asked. That is why she was Tasered! What you were trying to accomplish with the headline I can only guess at, but it was definitely very poor journalism. If I were the police department and the police officer you were maligning with this headline, I would consider a lawsuit against the paper and the journalist for telling the headline lie. What if no one read past the headline then the public would have been totally misled.”

Editor’s note: Senior reporter Aimee Jones did not write the headline that you reference in your comment. In fact, all headlines are written by copy editors at our common copy desk located at one of our other newspapers and are not seen by local writers and editors prior to publication. The headline that you reference appeared in our Rockdale Citizen edition. A headline that accurately reflects the incident appeared in our online editions and in our Newton Citizen edition.


“So nice to see the RV has left the parking lot on 138. Bet business starts booming there again. Adios, Arrogance!”


“Due to the high incidence of taxpayers’ Social Security numbers being stolen, it is recommended by many in the tax preparation community that taxpayers apply for a personal identification number (IP PIN) from the IRS. This will help prevent identity fraud and the necessity of refiling tax returns while proving your own identity.”

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