The Rockdale Citizen Poll question for this week was: “Several roundabouts are proposed for development in Rockdale County, including one at Hurst, Klondike and McDaniel Mill roads. Do you think roundabouts are an effective traffic control device?”

“The question is way too broad. For that specific interchange, I think a roundabout will work OK, but if they proposed a roundabout for something like say Ga. Highway 138 at Ga. Highway 20 near the Sonny’s/Honda, no! They’re best for a meeting of two-lane roads with no more than moderate traffic.”


“Regarding ‘roundabouts’ — personally, I have no problem with them. However, one trait is needed to make them work efficiently … politeness. In recent years I’ve noticed an increase in the number of rude drivers in Rockdale. At yield signs, four-way stops and even traffic lights. At intersections, they allow the nose of their cars to protrude into rights of way of roads, trying to intimidate others into slowing down and thus allowing the rude drivers to pull out onto the main road. At ‘merge’ lanes, it turns into NASCAR to see who can get ahead of the other, especially true on Ga. 20 south, at Honey Creek. Roundabouts will require some civility between drivers to work smoothly, and if an accident happens figuring out who had the right of way will be more difficult. They may cost more than traffic lights, but require less ongoing maintenance. Maybe that is the county’s motive, I don’t know.”


“I think roundabouts are effective if you choose not to spend the money on red lights, which are so much better. But since people don’t know how to drive and they don’t know how stop signs work, then I guess roundabouts are the best way to spend the money.”


“Roundabouts take too much space and are too difficult for people to navigate. They are OK for Hilton Head and other areas where there isn’t heavy traffic and they are built into the development plans.”

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