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CONYERS - Rockdale County Coroner George Levett has released the names of the three teenagers shot and killed by a homeowner on White Oak Court in Conyers early Monday morning.

They are Isaiah Reed, 16, Jamie Hernandez, 15, and Brandon Gresham, 16. Reed and Hernandez were brothers, according to Levett.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is conducting autopsies on the three teens, and the results will not be known for several days.

All three teens attended Salem High School.

Rockdale County Sheriff’s investigators said it appears the shooting began as a armed robbery attempt, with the three teens approaching three people in the front yard of the home about 4 a.m. The teens had their faces covered and one had a handgun and fired shots at the residents before one of the residents returned fire, killing the three teens, according to the Sheriff's Office.

No charges have yet been filed in the case.

Angela Venable, a resident of Hunting Creek subdivision where the boys lived, spoke at the Conyers City Council meeting Wednesday night, asking that the city impose stiffer penalties on parents whose children violate curfew.

"Three boys are dead, the boys across the street from me," said Venable. "I watched them grow up, and now I’m going to watch a funeral procession for them. It just hurts my heart. They don't have the chance to turn their lives around. Had they lived, they could have had the chance, but they didn’t. But had the parents received several citations, went to court several times and had several warnings on these kids out all hours of the night ... and now the kids are dead.

"No parent should ever have to pay that ultimate penalty of their child being dead because they couldn’t follow the rules," Venable added. "The rules are there to protect the child. I’m asking if there could be stiffer penalties, higher citations or something so that parents understand it’s not to harass them; it's to prevent situations like the one across the street."

The investigation into the boys' shooting is still active. Anyone with information in connection with this incident is asked to contact the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office at 770-278-8000 and speak with Investigator Dwayne Smith or Sergeant Jeremy Best.

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