Rockdale Summer Reading Program start this weekend

CONYERS— All Rockdale County students entering grades six-12 for the 2019-20 school year are required to complete a summer reading assignment.

All students who enroll in Rockdale County Public Schools before Aug. 2,  are required to complete the summer reading assignments. The summer reading assignment is due Aug. 12.

Requirements are as follows:

1. Students must read one book from the required reading list for the grade level they will enter August 2019.

2. Students must complete one essay (with three parts) on the required book they selected; these are due Aug. 12, to their English Language Arts teacher.

Students' essays will need to address the following:

• First Paragraph-Summary/Critique - Write or type a well-developed summary (approximately 300 words) of the book, emphasizing the plot or key details. Be sure to include the genre (i.e., biography, mystery, information, etc.), title of the book, and the author. As you start to write, remember to grab the reader’s attention by creating a sense of humor, wonder, mystery, curiosity, etc. These feelings cause the reader to want to know what happens next.

• Second Paragraph-Theme/Central Idea - Identify the theme (general lesson about life in a fictional text) or central idea (main idea that the author wants to convey about the topic of a non-fiction text) of the book you read. Choose three (3) quotes that support the theme or central idea. For each quote, write a well-developed paragraph that explains how the quote relates to the theme or central idea. Consider choosing one quote each from the beginning, middle, and end of the book to ensure you identify an appropriate and logical theme or central idea.

• Third Paragraph-Recommendation - Persuade or dissuade someone to read your book. Using specific details, explain why you did or did not enjoy reading this book. In addition, be sure to include details that explain the type of reader for whom the book was written, i.e. athletes, nature-lovers, mystery-readers, risk-takers, etc. Although you may not have liked your book, the author must have had someone in mind when writing it.

Students must complete the required three parts of the assignment. Students will receive a score for each part of the assignment submitted. A score of zero will be given for any part of the assignment not submitted.

If you have questions about the Summer Reading Requirements, please contact your child’s school.

Students and parents also have the opportunity to participate in Nancy Guinn Memorial Library's Summer Reading Program starting this Saturday.

Participants can pick up a reading log and learn more about prizes and awards starting this Saturday at 1 p.m. Sign-up for the program will be available throughout the summer.

Covington native and proud Valdosta State alumna, Hunter has previously worked with The Covington News and Valdosta Daily Times. She started working for Rockdale/Newton Citizen in June 2018.

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