Sen. Tonya Anderson, Rep. Pam Dickerson holding town hall meeting March 4 in Conyers

Sen. Tonya Anderson

CONYERS — Sen. Tonya Anderson, D – Lithonia, was appointed by Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan to serve on the Senate Study Committee on Passenger Vehicle Seat Safety Belts. The study committee was created by Senate Resolution 366, which was sponsored by Anderson during the 2019 Legislative Session.

“I am thankful that this study committee will shed light on current statistics and be able to bring this loop hole in the law to the attention of my fellow legislators,” said Sen. Anderson. “We know the impact seat belts have on the overall safety of passengers and the life-saving mentality of ‘click it or ticket.’ I know that updating this law will save even more lives, and I’m glad we are able to dive deeper into the research and statistics surrounding this topic, which will hopefully result in legislation next session. Most people think it’s the law, anyway, so why not solidify it with this legislation.”

Anderson sponsored Senate Bill 160 during the 2019 Legislative Session. The bill, which was assigned to the Senate Public Safety Committee, would have required all passengers in a motor vehicle to be restrained by a seat belt. Currently, only passengers in the front seat of a motor vehicle are required to be restrained by a seat belt.

The first meeting of the Senate Study Committee on Vehicle Seat Safety Belts was held on Wednesday, September 4th. You can find the video archive of the meeting at