NEWTON — With so many outstanding submissions to choose from it was impossible for Newton County School System Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey to pick just one piece of artwork to feature on her official 2019 holiday card. In fact, she couldn’t even pick just two or three. Instead, 34 pictures created by Newton County School System students will be featured on 17 different cards to be mailed to local elected and community officials, superintendents from surrounding school districts, and the many other supporters of Newton County Schools on Fuhrey’s holiday card list.

“This is a tradition that I am so proud to continue,” said Fuhrey. “I’ve received so many compliments since I started featuring student artwork on the holiday cards. In fact, before the holidays get here, people start asking me if they’re going to receive one of the cards again this year. They are quite popular.”

As in previous years, dozens of holiday designs were submitted by NCSS students of all ages, and after spending over an hour reviewing the various submissions, Fuhrey selected the following students’ designs to be featured on her 2019 holiday cards:

♦ Nubia Fletcher, fourth grade, Heard-Mixon Elementary.

♦ Elizabeth Bryans, eighth grade, Indian Creek Middle.

♦ Jessica Wilson, eighth grade, Newton County Theme School.

♦ Emma Grace Lumpkin, eighth grade, Newton County Theme School.

♦ Brooke Brown, ninth grade, Alcovy High School.

♦ Brianna Evans, ninth grade, AHS.

♦ Diana Izaguirre, ninth grade, AHS.

♦ Lucero Alvarado, ninth grade, AHS.

♦ Katavia Cranston, ninth grade, AHS.

♦ Kathryn Alvarez, ninth grade, AHS.

♦ Andrew Calendar, ninth grade, Mainstay Academy.

♦ Elizabeth Roberson, 10th grade, AHS.

♦ Faith Persley, 10th grade, AHS.

♦ Brie Worton, 10th grade, Eastside High School.

♦ Divina Goodman, 10th grade, AHS.

♦ Ian Johnson, 10th grade, AHS.

♦ Jayla Dennis, 10th grade, AHS.

♦ Aeryn Barrentine, 11th grade, AHS.

♦ Emily Jenkins, 11th grade, AHS.

♦ Annamarie Dave, 11th grade, AHS.

♦ Austin Fuller, 11th grade, AHS.

♦ Kylie Grady, 11th grade, AHS.

♦ Tabea Lent, 11th grade, EHS.

♦ Abigail Mendoza, 11th grade, EHS.

♦ Angel Brown, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Olyvia Monteagudo, 12th grade, EHS.

♦ Isis General, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Taylor Peake, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ G’Da Stinson,12thg rade, AHS.

♦ Devin Goolsby, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Mallory Carter, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Steven Nava, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Juleigh Lynn, 12th grade, AHS.

♦ Abigail Brown, 12TH GRADE, EHS.

“I am so proud to have our students’ artwork on my cards,” said Fuhrey. “We have some very talented artists in our school system and featuring their creations on my cards is one way I can showcase that talent with others in our community. The pictures are absolutely beautiful and I want to thank each and every one of these students for taking the time to create artwork for my cards.”