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CONYERS — A New Jersey woman is facing charges, including aggravated assault on a police officer, after she allegedly got out of her handcuffs and attacked the officer as he delivered her to the jail.

According to a report from the Conyers Police Department, the incident began about 3:36 p.m. on April 28 when officers were dispatched to the Comfort Inn on Klondike Road in reference to a suspicious person.

Dispatch advised that a female complainant had called and said a black woman wearing a white shirt and blue jeans had jumped on her car and attempted to open her door while she was waiting at a traffic light at Klondike and Iris Drive. The complainant sped away from the woman and pulled into a nearby restaurant parking lot to call 911. The suspect was last seen running into the Comfort Inn.

The hotel manager told the officers the woman had run through the lobby and down a hallway in a room that had been vacated at noon. The officers and manager went to the room, but could not unlock the door with the master card key. A male employee was asked to open the door manually, but while he was doing so, the suspect opened the door while holding a screwdriver in her hand. The officers asked to speak to with her and confiscated the tool.

The woman gave her name and allegedly gave a false birthdate. She was later identified as Brianne Diminia Croswell, 26, of Jersey City, NJ, told the officers she had taken an Uber from Atlanta and wanted to go to her mother’s house in Augusta. She said the male Uber driver had exited U.S. Interstate 20 East at West Ave., pulled into the QuikTrip, and ordered her out of the car.

Croswell said she got out because she thought he was going to hurt her. She said the driver left, but she thought he was still out there waiting for her. She said she tried to get help from the complainant, and then ran into the hotel and into the room, locking the door.

The officers got Croswell’s mother’s phone number from her and checked with her mother, who said she was on the way from Augusta to make sure her daughter was okay.

Croswell was arrested for giving a false birthdate, handcuffed, searched and placed into a patrol car without incident. She was then transported to the Rockdale County Jail.

Inside the Sally Port bay at the jail, Croswell was taken out of the car by the officer. She told him she had left her slippers in the car and asked him to get them for her. The officer complied and bent over to put her feet in the shoes. When he stood back up, he reported that Croswell allegedly hit him on the right side of his face from behind with the handcuffs.

The officer stumbled back and reported seeing the handcuffs hit the ground. Croswell allegedly grabbed the officer and they fell to the ground, with Croswell allegedly attempting to grab the officer’s Taser from its holster. She also allegedly bit him on his arm.

Rockdale Sheriff’s deputies ran into the bay to assist the officer and Croswell was brought under control and placed back into handcuffs. The officer was examined by the jail nurse for the bite on his arm and the cuts and bruises on his face.

Croswell was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, battery, obstructing law enforcement officers, attempted removal of a weapon from a public official, and giving false name, address or birthdate to a law enforcement officer.

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