Each year, I write an “I was wrong” column. In case you haven’t noticed, most columnists are right about everything. Just ask them. They will tell you why a particular politician is inept or why a football coach should be fired. These columnists are well-paid experts who regularly offer their solutions to everything that ails the world.

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I never thought I would write this, but the publisher of The New York Times, A.G. Sulzberger, is right. Sulzberger wrote an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal in response to President Trump’s claim that his newspaper committed “treason” by publishing a story about U.S. efforts to compromise Russia’s power grid should Moscow again try to meddle in U.S. elections. The Times says it consulted National Security officials who raised no objections to its publication.


For many years I have been on the mailing lists of top New York publishing houses to receive books that deal with Southern life or its people.

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Some smokers finally got the message. For others it took longer. And, for some, they are still doing something harmful to their health.

The Rockdale Clerk of Courts Office Real Estate Division has a new state-of-the art tool to make the job of land surveyors much easier. Now surveyors can print previously illegible plats 16 times larger than in the past, thanks to the new large format printer/plotter.

So a bunch of us were sitting in a pub in Dublin, chatting one another up over pints of Guinness the other day — or maybe we were in a hotel lobby having Diet Cokes — the days run together — and talk turned to experiences — recent experiences — that are now lost in time.


There is a spot on I-20 East in Atlanta where the exit for I-85 and I-75 is located. That spot – THAT spot – has been the scene of some of our more heated disagreements.

After reading Don Shellenberger’s letter concerning Darrell Huckaby’s laughable opinion piece on “the fall of London,” I felt it was necessary to bring up some other awful things Mr. Huckaby has said in his columns.

I would like the privilege of explaining to the neighbor who seems to have some misconceptions about Mr. Darrell Huckaby and his recent report of conditions in London.

Jeffery Koons, a name we may not have heard before, is actually widely known and an artist with an excellent reputation.

A common refrain of Mama’s, particularly during my high school and college years, was, “Don’t get above your raisin’, little girl.”

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