We don’t need no stinking witnesses.

And in reality, we don’t and didn’t.

Adam Schiff said over and over and over—through, what, 20 episodes of the “Bold and Beautiful”— that the Democrats had proved their case against President Donald Trump during the House impeachment hearings.

If you have already made your case in the House, you certainly don’t need to add additional witnesses in the Senate trial. There were none, of course, in the Clinton impeachment but that was different. It was a Democrat president on trial.

You know what else Adam Schiff and the other Democrat leaders said?

They said — back in the late fall — that impeachment had to happen right away. The future of the Republic depended on it. (Although those saying that probably don’t realize that we are a republic, or what a republic is.) They said there was no time to waste. And then they wasted 34 days before walking the impeachment papers across Statuary Hall to deliver them to the Upper Chamber of our Congress.

They also said that the impeachment was not a politically partisan maneuver. They said that with straight faces, over and over and over. And then they didn’t get a single Republican to vote for impeachment. I think when the vote is completely along political lines that is the very definition of partisan.

Adam Schiff also claimed that he didn’t know and had never met the alleged whistle blower that supposedly started the dog and pony show that we have had to endure for the past many months. That would be the one that started shortly after we had endured the dog and pony show that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearing for many months, which followed the dog and pony show that was the Mueller hearings.

Adam Schiff was lying. I know it. You know it. Adam Schiff knows it. Every member of the House of Representatives knows it and every member of the Senate knows it. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul certainly knows it. John Roberts knows it, too, but he is a lot less reputable than people once thought he was.

And in truth, the Democrats don’t want to open the witness door because as President’s Trump’s attorney, Jay Sekulow said during Thursday’s question and answer period, John Bolton wouldn’t be the only witness called. Hunter Biden would be called. Joe Biden would be called. Adam Schiff would be called. And Adam Schiff’s whistleblower would be called.

Witnesses? The Democrats didn’t want those stinking witnesses.

Jay Sekulow knew that when he tossed out that promise.

By the way, did you realize that Jay Sekulow is a home boy? He graduated from DeKalb County’s Lakeside High School and then earned a B.A. and a law degree from Mercer University. He started his law career in Atlanta. No wonder he knows his stuff.

But back to the question of witnesses. The only reason this whole charade was promoted so vigorously was because the impeachment of Donald Trump has been a sham from the beginning and just another attempt to overturn the will of the people, as proclaimed in the 2016 election.

As the week began Mitch McConnell, majority leader of the Senate, voiced his fears that he might not have the votes to block the parade of witnesses that would just prolong the inevitable outcome of acquittal in the Senate. There are 54 Republican senators, but a couple are so liberal that they are Republicans in name but not political disposition. Mitt Romney is so jealous of the president and so full of spite that he would rather go against the vast majority of his constituency than do something to help Donald Trump, even if that something was the right thing to do.

And that left Lamar Alexander of Tennessee as the one Republican “swing” voter on the issue. I like Lamar Alexander. He led me in prayer at Salem Campground once.

Late Thursday night Lamar Alexander announced that he had heard enough and that there was no way the Democrats could prove that Donald Trump had committed an impeachable crime (because he hasn’t) and that he would vote for no additional witnesses.

His vote was the only one Mitch McConnell needed because the Democrats would need 51 votes to extend the circus. 50-50 was all the Republicans needed.

I’d love to wrap this column up with the news that the long nightmare is over, but we are going to have to have a few hours of debate before each vote on witnesses and the vote on whether to vote and all the other foolishness that has to take place before the president is exonerated — which he will surely be.

And I have a deadline — and a tee time — so ciao, y’all.

God bless America. The system is going to work.

Darrell Huckaby is an authorin Rockdale County. Email him atdhuck008@gmail.com.

Senior Reporter

Born and raised in Decatur, Ga. Graduated from Shorter College in Rome, Ga. in 1979 with B.A. in Communications. Worked in community newspapers for 26 years. Started at Rockdale Citizen/Newton Citizen in January 2016.

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