President Trump promised his supporters that they would win so much that they would get tired of winning. I doubt that, but I bet a lot of Democrats and their mainstream media shrills are getting awfully tired of losing. The latest blow to those who love to hate Trump was the Mueller boondoggle. Two years, hundreds of million dollars, thousands upon thousands of man hours to prove that there was nothing to see. Donald Trump did not collude with Russia. Donald Trump did not obstruct justice. Meanwhile, the lunatic fringe on the liberal left is in collective meltdown mode.

In fact, the Democrats in Congress are so desperate that they want to change the rules of the game - except it’s not a game. It’s the way the government of the greatest nation in the world works. It’s the Constitution of the United States that they are trying to supersede with their ridiculous notions of giving illegals the right to vote - not to mention 16 year-olds. I spent my entire life working with 16 year-olds. They shouldn’t even be allowed to decided what station the radio is tuned to, much less who should be president of the United States.

Worst of all is the idea to abolish the Electoral College, which has done exactly what our Founding Fathers intended for it to do for 230 years now. We went over this after the 2016 election, but apparently we need a primer.

The Constitution gives the authority to elect the president to the Electoral College, whose members are selected by the governments of the individual states and it is entirely up to each state as to how those electors are chosen. In the beginning the electors were chosen exclusively by the state legislators. How do you think George Washington was elected unanimously? Twice, in fact. Not even GW could win the vote of every single person in the country. The people didn’t vote in those days.

I’ll let you in on another little secret. People didn’t run on a ticket back in the day, either. Each elector cast two ballots and the person who got the most votes was president and the person who got the second most votes became vice-president. Imagine if that system were still in place today! Bow, howdy. Could you imagine Trump and Hillary having to serve together, as a team?

It was almost that bad when John Adams became president with Thomas Jefferson as his vice-president. They got along about as well as oil and water. They remained bitter political enemies for a long time, but did make up toward the ends of their lives. Ironically, both men died on the same day—on July 4, 1826. That was the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is said, in fact, that Adams’s last words were, “At least Jefferson survives.”

He was wrong. Jefferson preceded him in death by a couple of hours.

But back to the popular vote thing. There are many reasons having people vote for president is a bad idea—other than the fact that people who are dumb as fence posts get to cast a ballot. People are crooked, too, and some folks will sell their votes—cheap. Others will vote multiple times. Oh, yes. There is rampant voter fraud in this country.

Just wait until election days. Folks will load up busses from nursing homes and take people to the polls, telling them which candidate to mark before letting them off the bus. People will vote multiple times. People who are not registered will vote. Worst of all, crooked administrators in certain districts will just mark ballots for imaginary voters, many of whom are dead. People have been voting tombstones in this country for a long, long time.

Of course these are the people who insist that being made to show a picture ID to cast a ballot is racist and a great right wing conspiracy to disenfranchise blacks and women and midget Russian astronauts.

So how did people begin getting to vote for president? It was really pretty simple. As the population expanded to the west and new states were formed, those states began looking for ways to attract citizens. So they created state constitutions giving white male landowners the right to vote for presidential electors. The eastern states, not wanting to lose population, followed suit and the next thing you knew, everybody was doing it.

Andrew Jackson, by the way—the president of the common man—was the person who led the charge to have the new system instituted throughout the many states.

This country has a great history. Too bad so few know anything about it. If more people knew more about America, they would pay more attention to things like trade deficits and Constitutional law when they mark their ballots instead of sophomoric comments and who said what about whom.

God help the Republic. The Republic certainly needs help.

And for the record. Unemployment remains at an all-time low. Manufacturing jobs are coming back. Gas prices are down, the stock market is up and I am not at all tired of winning.

Darrell Huckaby is an author in Rockdale County. Email him at dhuck008@gmail.com.

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