For centuries the Catholic Church has taken billions of dollars of wealth from Mexico and Central America, and now that those who are from those countries are in need it, the church turns its back on them.

After reading Don Shellenberger’s letter concerning Darrell Huckaby’s laughable opinion piece on “the fall of London,” I felt it was necessary to bring up some other awful things Mr. Huckaby has said in his columns.

I would like the privilege of explaining to the neighbor who seems to have some misconceptions about Mr. Darrell Huckaby and his recent report of conditions in London.

Larry Stanford’s article on the new stop signs in the Covington Square area was a good explanation for why this decision was made to improve our city’s safety.

I attended the Rockdale County Courthouse Committee meeting on Tuesday Dec. 11 and was ashamed of the attitude most of the members took toward the general public and how the committee wants to restrict the public’s right to speak at the upcoming town hall meetings.

I got one of my degrees 40 years ago from a very reputable, nationally known institution in metro Atlanta. I went back earlier this year to take a variety of soft discipline classes from their undergraduate catalog. Let me share with you what I have learned first-hand from this “before” and “after” snapshot of the same school. It’s not pretty.

On behalf of the State Bar of Georgia, I would like to express congratulations to Frank B. Turner Jr., a partner at Greer Stansfield & Turner LLP in Covington, on his recent reappointment by Gov. Nathan Deal to serve on the Georgia Board of Community Affairs.

Early voting has already begun or citizens can vote on May 22 on bond referendums being sought by our two local governments: the city of Conyers and Rockdale County. Frustration has been experienced with both because of confusion or anger over the audacity of the request.

All three of Newton County School System’s high schools — Alcovy, Eastside, and Newton — have completed the junior and senior prom season with the last of the proms having taken place on Saturday, April 14th.

I have never seen so much lipstick on a pig as this Rockdale County Board of Commissioners is trying to put on this $140 million courthouse/government complex since I was at a county fair in Alabama.

As a resident of Rockdale County and owner of buildings in Olde Town Conyers, I am also a supporter of Chairman Oz Nesbit. I will be voting “no” on the courthouse complex. It simply is not thought out well.

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