The last time Commissioner Oz Nesbitt proposed county garbage pickup, the citizens blasted the idea and he quickly divorced himself from the issue. He was shocked by the response.

Now he has a new commissioner propose it. It seems to be his pet project. Post 1 Commissioner Sherri Washington said that grease was the big problem. With 27,000 households? Most of which are on septic? Everyone I know has a jar or can for grease. We would be better off to educate the new residents on how to store grease in a container.

Plus requiring private citizens to pay a tax to fund a commercial company is not good or maybe not legal. I, for one, will test that in court.

What about the small businesses in trash removal service? What about their employees?

How does that square with “I support my local economy”? If our commissioners are so determined on trash pickup, the county needs to buy the trucks, equipment and oh yeah, a landfill, and raise our taxes to pay for that plus for the pickup service, and then let us vote them out of office.

Bob Bala


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