Together we can make the difference. I am proud to call myself a resident of Rockdale County. This is the place where visionaries have lived for years. We had our ups and downs, but this community has always stood united for the good of Rockdale County.

The past economic recession has made it difficult to spend the funds when needed and has pushed us to a point where we need to address our courthouse. There is no blame; however, it is time to address the issue.

The Rockdale Board of Commissioners came up with a plan that was too expensive to implement and together we said “No.” This doesn’t change the need. We all agree the courthouse building needs a fix ASAP. The BOC assigned a group of citizens to come up with a proposal. I assure you, all of the members have used their best skills to come up with two options to present to their fellow citizens. They all have good intentions but different backgrounds and different skills, which has made the two options very different.

I said all this to say, there will be a presentation of two options to all the citizens of Rockdale County at town hall meetings on Feb. 5 and Feb. 7. The Feb. 5 meeting will be at J.P. Carr, and the Feb. 7 meeting will be at Springfield Baptist. Both meetings start at 6 p.m. Your opinion and input are needed. Nothing is written in stone. The options will be presented to the community and then the committee will come back together to present one option to the BOC . Please, come and give your feedback. With your help we will make the difference.

Muddessar Ahmad


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