There is an old carpenter’s saying, “measure twice and cut once.” This is exactly what the leadership of Conyers has done before asking citizens to vote on the city of Conyers bond referendum.

I am in the unique position of possessing property in both the city and county, plus I own a business in Olde Town on Main Street directly across from the courthouse. It should also be noted, I fully understand the weight of a decision to ask the citizens for their vote and support for funding after serving eight years on the Rockdale County school board. Therefore, I can truly appreciate leadership that performs its duty by following a due process to make such a request.

Merely knowing you need a new or updated facility is not enough to ask for approval of a bond referendum. The city of Conyers has taken three years to plan for this bond by: 1) having a needs assessment completed three years ago; 2) having an architectural design completed two years ago; 3) searching for the right site that would benefit Olde Town; and, 4) using the design to know exactly how much funding is required. As we are witnessing, that is not always the case.

Another example of this level of effort paying off is the replacement for Pine Street Elementary School on Sigman Road and the replacement for J.H. House. With the school board performing its due diligence, they will build two state-of-the-art 21st century schools with a total 225,000 square feet of classroom space. Yes, this is more square footage than the proposed courthouse for approximately $50 million total. The common element with the city of Conyers’ request is that they took approximately three years to plan.

The city of Conyers has measured twice before asking and earning our support for its bond. Rockdale County has “cut twice without any measuring” and will not get my vote. Therefore, I ask the citizens of Conyers to vote “yes” on the city bond referendum.

Brad Smith


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